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Curved Stair Lifts

We do not believe it is wise to purchase even a simple straight stairlift directly on the internet. A curved stairlift should not even be considered for an internet direct purchase. There are simply too many ways to make mistakes, and when you do they can be large ones.

Stannah Curved Stair Lift In this example notice the angle of the track as it crosses the landing, and continues on up the second level. Measuring this stairlift yourself or having a local handyman from the internet perform this task is just begging for trouble. We will send one of our team of experienced professionals to your home, and measure it for free. And we will be responsible for the outcome, not you.

You may also notice how this stairlift folds up nicely out of the way just inside the lower wall. We can set this stairlift up so you can send it back to the top of the stairway if you do not want it to be seen parked at the lower level.

Curved Chairlift at Bottom of Stairs Lets look again at a totally different way to set up a stairlift. This example is a basement that has a lot of usable space allowing us to park the chair at the bottom, around the wall, and out of the way of the stairwell.

Although this may appear to be a custom installation it is one of our standards. We do everything possible to make our stairlift installations not only match up well with your space, but enhance your decor.

Wraparound Stairlift Here is yet another way to set up a curved stairlift to precisely accommodate an unusual space. We simply wrap the chair around the lower rail post to get it out of the ingress and egress spaces. And in this example, they didn't even need to bother with folding up the footrest or the seat.

You may also notice how this chair blends in with the decor in this area. If your wondering how we do this just take a look at our options page, which offers examples of fabric and color choices. We can even offer wood trim.

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