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Outdoor Stair Lifts

When it comes to stairlifts for the outdoors the level of complexity steps up yet another notch. In addition to all the other factors attendant to selecting the proper stair lift you will need to consider your environment. A sandy beach type area will be quite different from a big North East weather front.

Outdoor Stairlift If this looks anything at all like your outdoors you need to call us. Winters in Pittsburgh, and the rest of southwestern PA can be real doozies. We can install the right stairlift your Pennsylvania, Ohio, or West Virginia winters.

And we can make it look good so the area outside your home doesn't suffer.

Staying Home Outdoor Stair Lift Take a look at the stairlift in this picture. This entire assembly was left out in the weather for three months. It was dis-assembled and taken to a manufacturer's show in Boston. It was then set up as you see it here. Nothing was done to improve its appearance except to wipe it off.

This is the kind of stairlift we can install for you. It features plated rack and pinion gears, anodized aluminum rails, plated track brackets, and waterproof connections. It also comes with a heavy duty outside cover not shown here.

This unit is the least expensive outdoor stairlift available anywhere, including the internet. And on top of that, it has a lifetime warranty.

Outdoor Chairlift with Cover Here we have a stairlift owner placing the heavy duty cover on the parked assembly. Keep in ind that we can set these up to be parked at either end of the stairway to enhance the appearance of your outdoor area.

Even though you may be considering an outdoor stairlift the surrounding area is as important to match for the proper decor as an inside unit. We offer a multitude of options including wood trim, numerous fabrics, and many colors.

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