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Straight Stair Lifts

A straight stairway can often suggest a reasonably simple stair lift application. But not always. How the track may extend out into other living areas can be a concern as well as the overall available space between the walls, or the wall and the rail. Here are some things to consider prior to purchasing a stair lift.

Staying Home Stair Lift - Legacy Elegance All straight stair lifts must swivel in toward the upper landing as in this example. The chair needs to lock in place to allow the occupant to exit the chair safely.

The same procedure will take place at the bottom of the stairs. For those of us who have trouble bending down you may want the option of an automatic footrest that raises up with the press of a conveniently located button.

The stair lift shown here competes with the price of anything available direct on the internet. And the one shown here is guaranteed for life.

Staying Home Stair Lift Rail at Bottom of Staircase There will be many other areas to take into consideration. One such concern includes a walkway at the bottom of the stairs. In order for a stair lift to provide a safe exit at the bottom of a stairway the track must reach to the floor. In this example you can see why persons traversing the hallway could trip over the extended track. The option shown here allows for the track to fold up out of the way.
Flip Up Seat on Chairlift

Notice that in this example the wall at the bottom of the stairs extends beyond the last step eliminating the need for a folding track. You will also notice that this lady is raising the footrest automatically, without bending down.

Notice how well this stair lift blends in with its surroundings. We offer a large variety of stair lift options including wood trim, and many fabrics.

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Even with what appears to be a simple, straight stair lift there are many things to consider. Why purchase a stair lift on-line without a professional inspection of your stairway, a consultation describing options, and an accurate measurement of your stairs?

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