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Sadler Standing Stair Lift

For those of you that have limited mobility, or flexibility, we offer the Sadler Standing Stairlift. This stairlift offers a supported standing position whose additional support is offered through a custom seat. Take a look at the pictures , and explanations that follow to see if the Sadler may be right for you.

Standing Stair Lift - Stannah Sadler Non-Slip Safety Seat

Adjustable Seat Height

Stair Lift Seat Lift Reclining Seat

Curved Standing Stair Lift
Stand Up to Ride Seat

Narrow Stairs? No Problem

Wrap Around Sadler Lift
Immobilizer Seat Belt

Park The Sadler Off the Stairs

If you think a stand up model stair lift could be the answer for your personal desires please call us today for a free consultation, and a free measurement service.