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Should I buy my stairlift directly online?


Our site is loaded with examples of why you should not consider buying a stairlift on line. When it comes right down to it, the only reason to buy a stair lift directly on-line is price. The fact is, when you purchase your stairlift from us it will not cost you more money, and in the long run it will most certainly cost you less. Our straight stair, basic model stairlift for example, will cost the same to purchase from us as you will pay on the internet. It may not be apparent at first glance, but consider:

  • Cheap model stairlifts on the internet are made with Chinese parts. They may say they are American made, but they are only assembled here. And the parts do not hold up. Our Legacy Stairlift from Staying Home Corporation is not only manufactured in Harrisonville, Missouri with all American materials, it is guaranteed for life. The cost of maintaining your internet purchase will never compare over the first few years of your ownership.
  • The internet sites we see shamefully use the old "bait and switch" techniques. They show a really low price until you add what would otherwise be standard options. Then when you get to the checkout they add freight. And freight direct to you is expensive. Check it for yourself before you hit the purchase button.
  • Next comes installation. And the installation will be from 500 to 700 dollars for a standard straight run of stairs. Oh yes, in case you have concrete, marble, or other "hard" stair surfaces you have to add another 2 to 3 hundred. Now your beginning to see the real price.
  • We have to add here that you must ask, who is going to install your stairlift, where does he/she live, are they certified to install stairlifts in your state, and how many have they installed lately? You may be shocked at the answers that come back. If you think it isn't costly to get a bad installation your just wrong. It can be a huge problem.
  • What happens if you get your measurements wrong, and the stairlift cannot be installed on your stairway? It happens all the time. And guess who pays? When the handyman installer goes back home without installing your stairlift who do you call? Who is going to make it work? Does the track have to be completely re-cut? If so who pays? Who pays the freight? How long will it take? Without a local, professional team like ours to address these types of questions you are asking for a tough row to hoe.
  • If all that were not sufficient to convince you, take a look at the cost of measuring your stairs. Another 200 dollars minimum. To measure? And you should hope you do not have a curved staircase as that runs considerably higher.
  • And how about those local permits? That's another additional cost. Provided the installer even knows a local permit is required. And you don't even want to know what happens if you get inspected without one. Out will come your checkbook.
Now it is clear why you should shop carefully. We measure for free, quote you one price you can depend on, professionally install the stairlift, and remain at your service for as long as you own the stairlift.

It costs nothing to look. And one good look is all it will take.