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Stair Lift Safety Certifications

Safety Certifications

Informed buyers should look for, and ask about, national safety certifications. There are several organizations who ensure that products meet safety standards, and standards for performance, engineering and durability. The stairlifts we offer have been certified by one or more of the following agencies, so you can be confident of investing in a high quality product:

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME):
The ASME has established codes and standards that produce more qualified engineers and elevate the field to a higher level of excellence. ASME is committed to advancing technology, and they are particularly concerned with safety standards for stair lifts.

Underwriter Laboratories (UL):
Underwriter Laboratories is an agency that functions as a non-profit watchdog for consumers. They have created a set of standards that are nationally recognized, and used to evaluate the quality of products.

Intertek (ETL):
This agency offers a hands-approach, and is active in providing thorough inspections. One of the methods the inspectors use to evaluate lifts involves dis-assembly of the entire stairlift to further evaluate the components and assembly methods. If a brand is to receive a UL endorsement their product has to meet strict guidelines. Even if a stairlift has been approved, the manufacturer is subjected to quarterly surprise inspections to insure that the standards of quality continue to be met.